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I am pleased to inform you that I am the first person in the Netherlands ,who extended the beauty services for World’s newest method in removing fat – ROYAL CRYO cryolipolysis, the only one on the market which uses a unique combination of four technologies !!!The device combines cryolipolysis with the acoustic wave, and uses vacuum technology and BI-Polar RF. EFFECTIVELY REDUCES CELLULITE, LEADS TO WEIGHT LOSS, SHAPES THE BODY CONTOUR and rejuvenates the skin. My experience with these treatments, indicates a very high level of effectiveness. By two customers the reduction of a waist measurement after the first treatment was 3-4 cm. A serie of treatments with another client gave the result of 12cm in the waist!!!!


While maintaining a balanced diet, so that we do not overload the liver ,drinking enough water, you can really achieve amazing results!!! And most important – without pain, without side effects, without scares and recovery!

Who is this treatment for?

The treatment is for people, who want to get rid of unwanted fat in particular places, which previously could only be removed by the traditional lipolysis. It is also the only device on the market,which can cool very small areas, ex: over the knees …

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis a non-invasive cooling process which effects the fat tissue, causing it’s crash. In 2008, dermatology doctors: Dieter Manstein, R. Roxa Andersona (Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospitalin Boston, Harvard Medical School). Since then, this method has been aproved as one of the most effective non-invasive ways to win against obesity.

What is cryolipolysis exactly about?

In contrast to invasive surgical methods, cooling method is non-invasive, without needles and surgical incisions. During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator is applied to the skin surface in order to provide precisely controlled cooling, which is aimed at fat cells and eliminates them from specific areas of the body. When the fat cells are exposed to cooling process, the body begins to remove them on it’s own.

The fat cells in a particular area of the body are gradually eliminated through normal metabolic processes in our body. As a result we get rid of unwanted curves, or fat. The total change is  noticeable after 2 to 4 months. The first visible effects we can observe  already after the first treatment. This procedure is painless, does not leave scars or marks on the skin.

How does a non-invasive cryolipolysis work?

1. Precisely controlled cooling is applied through the skin into the fat layer.

2. Cooling takes a certain time in order to destroy fat cells.

3. Natural fat cells begin a process of elimination, which lasts for a few months.

4. Natural elimination of fat cells leads to a reduction of the fat layer.



* pregnancy

* allergy, rash, damage on the skin after the surgery

* sensitivity to cold.

Attack on Cellulite – Cellulite Reduction, skin firming

Recently, basing on the study, cellulite affects younger women. There are many reasons but the most common are: lack of exercises and improper nutrition. The ideal way to remove the cellulite is joining the several methods, which (depending on severity of each case) are dosed with a different intensity.

Combining a radiowave with a soundwave provides the most effective action to reduce cellulite. Unique formula of acoustic waves works on the causes of cellulite (hardening of connective tissue barriers and moving toward the fat cells of the dermis). This wave causes decomposition of barriers composed by collagen and releases the skin. Thanks to this, it becomes smoother and firmer.

The usage of radiowave and vacuum causes severe skin firming, especially recommended for people who have problems with overweight, or loss of skin elasticity np. pregnant women. It stimulates the production of collagen fibroblasts, which results in an extremely taut skin.

With our device, we can help you to remove unwanted cellulite.


-increase of skin elasticity,

-increase of tissue elasticity,

-visible reduction in cellulite,





* pregnancy

* pacemaker (heart)

* metal prosthesis,mikroaparaty aids,implanted brain stimulation systems

* inefficiency of kidneys and liver

* diabetes

* epilepsy

* the stage of tumor development

* skin pathologies

* infectious diseases

* heart failure

* phlebitis, vein thrombosis

* carotid artery pathology.



– cancer

– tendency to cracking of blood vessel

– tuberculosis

– skin disorder

– a bleeding disorder

– inflammation of the skin

– swell of unknown origin

– varicose veins

The skin after treatment is:

– incredibly soft, smooth

– with well balanced fat tissue structure

– firmed

– tensed, brighter, stops to shake like jelly (often on thigh)


It should be considered, that that lack of exercise and poor diet leads to accumulation of new deposite of fat in the same place. The cellulite is comming back as well if we do not take the treatment serious.

This treatment is perfect for those who:

– have a sitting lifestyle

– are stressed

– are after exercising

– are willing to loose weight, firm the skin or get rid of cellulite

 cryo-royal2Effect after 5 treatments:przedpo